Mac OS X 10.9.2 FTP Folder Permissions

Mac OS X Server

OS X Server

I run/manage a OS X Server.  I have for the most part loved the OS X server software.  However, I for many months was unable to get my users to login in to the correct folder when using the FTP.  The server seemed to send everyone to the last user I had set up.  If you were that user it was ok.  If not you would see the other users files.

I finally figured it out.  I thought I would share with everyone how I did it.  There may be other ways, but this worked for me.  Any feedback is helpful.

To start with I’ll list the steps I’m using.

1 Setup website

Set your website like normal.  Choose the domain name and select the folder to save the site data in.  Make not of this address as it relates to its location on the server.  We’ll need this location later.

1-Web Site Folder

2 Setup User

Create a user that can manage (FTP) the domain.  Under the home folder choose “services only”.

2- Setup User

3 Setup FTP

Go to the FTP setting and assign the user you just created to have “Read & Write” privileges to your chosen domain.

3- Setup FTP

4 Change Permission Using Advanced Feature

Now go back to the “users” and right-click on the user to chose “advanced” settings.

4- Change User Perm

5 Specify Directory

Finally, under the “Home Directory” save the exact location of the folder you would like to have the FTP link to.  This is relevant to the server… not the domain home address.

5- Set Directory


That should do it.  Now your FTP users will get logged into their directory.